Quadrillion Tons Of Diamond Is Buried Below The Earth's Surface

"More than a quadrillion tons of diamond to be exact — or one thousand times more than one trillion" —  US researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported this week.

The word "Diamond" comes from the Greek word "Adamas" and means "unconquerable and indestructible". They are purely made of carbon and are formed under the extreme temperature and high pressure deep below the earth's crust.

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A new study at MIT suggests that there may be much more diamonds below the surface of the earth, Around 1000 times more than the previous estimate. "The Diamond belt" where the diamonds were found is located about 90-150 miles below the surface of Earth. (The deepest hole ever made by humans just go about 7.5 miles!!)

The Study

The Study began when scientist came across an anomaly in data collected from earthquakes and Tsunamis. The study was led by Joshua Garber, a postdoctoral student at UC Barbara. Using seismic technology and data acquired by government facilities, they mapped the variation of velocities of sound waves inside the earth and detected their presence in the cratons (stable part of continental lithosphere, located in the interior of tectonic plates). These are "the oldest and most immovable sections of rock that lie beneath the center of most continental tectonic plates," explained MIT in a statement.

The Anomaly

When the researchers mapped the details, they were shocked to see that the speed of waves would significantly increase while passing through the cratonic region, which was way more than expected for the cooled-condensed rocks.

The Conclusion

Once the Map was created, they assembled "Virtual rocks" made from variation in the composition of different minerals and analysed how sound waves travel through them. The Result suggested that the cratonic rocks contain about 1-2% diamond. "What we found, in contrast to previous studies, is you can't just use the main rock type in the mantle—that's called peridotite—to explain these velocities," says Garber. "You need something that's a little stiffer. "While peridotite is a dense, coarse-grained igneous rock found in layers of earth’s upper mantle, the finding they discovered couldn’t be explained by occurrences of these rocks.


"We found that much of the data were best explained by diamond … we cannot say for certain," said Joshua Garber.

There’s another hypothesis suggesting that earth may not contain diamonds, but the anomaly is due to way cooler peridotite that previously expected.

So, as for now, around 1-2% of those rocks contain diamond, but still, that's relatively a high quantity of diamonds, around more than a quadrillion ton. Since we can't reach them directly, we would have to wait for some volcanic eruptions to sprinkle out that precious rock from deep below.

Perhaps, you won't be able to gift diamonds to your loved ones this time, as the price for diamonds isn't going to drop...But who knows, the Universe is limitless and a lot of possibilities exist, just keep working with a pure heart and maybe, the universe has the best in store for you.

Think that diamonds are common..? Well, they are much more common in space than you can possibly of. There's a planet made of diamond just 40- Light years away from earth!!!

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