July 27 Blood Moon: Total Lunar Eclipse – As It Happened

The longest lunar eclipse of this century is over. The night of July 27 was a spectacular night for people here on Earth. Besides the blood red moon, the red planet was at opposition and at its closest approach to Earth in 15 years. People worldwide clicked breathtaking pictures of the lunar eclipse. Let us relish some of the perfect shots of the eclipse.

The moon hovers above the city of Amman, Jordan. Photograph: Muhammad Hamed/Reuters












Great juxtaposition from this photographer of the moon appearing to collide with the Berlin TV Tower, Germany. Photograph: Clemens Bilan/EPA
Here the moon appears as a giant weathervane on top of the Castle Luafen’s turret, in Switzerland. Photograph: Melanie Duchene/EPA
4928 (1)
 The moon as seen in Dresden, Germany. Photograph: Sebastian Kahnert/AP
The moon rises above behind The Hohenzollern Castle, in Hechingen, Germany. Photograph: Matthias Hangst/Getty Image
A “blood moon” eclipse beside a statue of the ancient Greek god Apollo in central Athens Photograph: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images
The moon glows orange-red over the 2,502 m high Saentis, Switzerland- EPA




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