Moon And Jupiter Will Have A Close Encounter Tonight: Here Is How To Watch The Show

August 16 will mark a close encounter of the Moon and the gas giant Jupiter. This is the second close encounter in a span of 2 months. This time, the two celestial bodies will be 5 degrees apart in the sky.

How To Watch?

The Encounter of Jupiter and Moon
The Encounter of Jupiter and Moon (Created using Solar System Scope)

This spectacular show will be visible in the evening just after the sunset. At around 8:30 pm (depending where you live), look in the south-west direction. The crescent moon will be shining at about 30º above the horizon. Just 5º on the lower left of the Moon will be the bright Jupiter, shining at a magnitude of -1.9 (See The Concept of Magnitude in Astrophysics). This meeting of Jupiter and Moon will take place in the constellation of Libra. Depending on where you live, you can watch this show just after the sunset. In India, Sun will set at around 7 pm. During this time, both the celestial objects will be higher in the sky. If you look at the western horizon, you will spot the dazzling Venus. The Roman God of Love will be the brightest object in the sky after the Moon at a magnitude of -5.8.

Jupiter And Moon
Image Created Using Star Chart

After the sunset, if you look high up in the South, you will spot Mars and Saturn. Mars is a bright red speck at a magnitude of -2.7 (brighter than Jupiter). The Lord of the Rings, however, is fainter at a magnitude of +0.2.

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