This Simple Joke Explains The Beautiful Difference Between A Chemist, A Physicist And A Mathematician

Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics go hand in hand to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. The professionals of these three branches often argue as to which field is more fundamental. Physicists heavily depend on Mathematics to describe the reality of nature while abstract mathematics without physical reality finds little importance. The three fields differ significantly on one platform: How they use mathematics in their subjects. This simple joke beautifully describes this difference.

A Chemist, a Physicist and a Mathematician were travelling in a train through Scotland. The Chemist looked out of the window and exclaimed, " Hey, look outside. A black colored sheep. This means all the sheep in this country are black."

The Physicist replies, "No. You are wrong. This means that all the sheep in this side of the country are black. We can't be certain about the other side."

The Mathematician looks at them and smiles. He says," You both are wrong. This means that there is at least one sheep in this part of the country whose one side is black. We can't be certain even about the other side of the sheep let alone the other side of the country!"

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