These 10 Stunning Unsolved Mysteries On Earth Will Leave You Baffled For Sure!

10)  Taos Hum

In the small town of Taos, New Mexico, there is a certain buzz often heard on the horizon that can be compared to the sound of a distant diesel engine. The astonishing fact is that the sound can be heard by the naked ear, but various sound detection devices have failed to pick it up and trace it. This has been called as the Taos Hum and up to this day, no one knows how this sound is being created.


9)  Easter Islands and Rongorongo

A small island in Polynesia is home to many archaeological sites. The inhabitants of this place carved volcanic stone to make statues which are known as the "Moai" as a way to honour their dead. For centuries, the methods of construction of these moai have puzzled the researchers and archaeologists. Also, in this mysterious Easter Island where the moai stands, a set of glyphs have been discovered called the Rongorongo. The message encrypted in it is yet to be discovered, however it is believed that it can be a clue concerning the huge statues scattered around the island and mystery of constructing them at such huge heights.

The mysterious Rongorongo writing of Easter Island (Image: Ancient Origins)

8)  Stonehenge

The Stonehenge site is situated on the Salisbury Plain, where a set of stones are arranged in horseshoe shapes and concentric circles. According to archaeologists, the site has been existing since 4,000 years. Evidence has confirmed that there was an activity on this site around 11,000 years ago. Construction on this site began in 3100 BC, and the stones were erected at around 2100 BC. What was the purpose of creating such a structure using massive rocks and what is the meaning behind the concentric formation is still an anomaly. This place is one of the most preserved megalithic structures in the world because of this incredibly intelligent construction. But what did the early man aim to convey from it, still remains a mystery.


7)  Non-human Skulls in Peru

Cone-shaped skulls stumbled upon in the Paracas as region of Peru have inspired claims that they are of extraterrestrial origin. It has been found that the elongated shape of the skulls possess non-human DNA. The skulls were discovered during the 1920s and are currently exhibited in the National museum in Lima, Peru. The mystery of the origin of these skulls is yet to be solved.

Calavera no humana, parecida al Niño de las Estrellas.JPG

6)  Lethal fog in London

In December 1952, a fog blanketed London that led to the death of 12,000 individuals. The fog contained elements that created a breathing crisis for the citizens. The fog covered London for 5 days and then disappeared suddenly. It was finally enveloped that the fog contained elements of sulphate and sulphuric acid. This absurd phenomenon has puzzled scientists for centuries thinking as to what might have caused such a deadly 5 layered poisonous fog. Though many different explanations have been put up for this unfortunate happening, none of them is successful enough to explain the proper cause.


5)  Giant craters of Siberia

Found in Yamal, northern Russia, many strange holes have confused scientists across the world. The giant holes, inspired many theories such as UFO, aliens, stray missiles and many more such speculations. the most notable thing about these holes/ craters is that since they have been observed in 2014, they are showing a rapid change involving water filled in one of the craters. This hole has been named B1 and it has been filling up with water since last 2 years, which scientists believe will lead to the formation of a lake soon. This strange phenomenon lacks proper explanation till date.

Giant Craters of Siberia

4)  The Wow Signal

There was an intriguing radio signal detected on August 15, 1977. It was a 72 second transmission from the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. Because the radio signal was 30 times more powerful than the average radiation from deep space, an astronomer who was watching the telescope wrote on a paper "wow" giving it the name as the wow signal. Haunted and excited at the same time, cosmologists and astronomers from all over the world sent more than 10,000 twitter messages plus videos that were beamed into deep space as a huge Hello from the Earth. No evidence has ever been received about the wow signal and no repeat message from the same direction has ever been detected. Many theories and been kept to explain this, though the 72 second transmission still remains a mystery.

The Wow Signal (Image: Futurism)


3)  Mysterious void in the pyramids of Egypt

The Ancient Great Pyramids of Egypt have continually raised theories and speculations for its construction. Now, a new discovery of a mysterious void has added to the anticipation regarding these pyramids. The void is 153 feet long and 26 feet tall, and it lies above the corridor leading to the burial chamber of Khufu, an Egyptian pharaoh. Where it came from and how is uncertain.

The Great Pyramids

2)  The Lost city of Alantis

The city of Alantis which is said to be fictional, lies in the Plato's work. Plato was a Greek philosopher who put forward several theories concerning politics. According to Plato's publications, Atlantis was a naval power city situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The plain described as having a plain in the south and mountains to the north. It was bigger than both Asia Minor and medieval Libya combined. As per Plato's work, the city's kings hailed on a journey to declare the god of the sea. The naval power that is the Atlantis, successfully invaded much of Africa and Western Europe. After an unsuccessful attempt at invading Athens, the city tragically sank into the sea. Several scholars have tried to locate the city but till date its location remains a mystery.

The lost city of Atlantis

1)  Aluminum Wedge of Aiud

Back in 1974, a group of workers in Romania discovered three different objects 10 meters deep in a sand trench. Two of the items were prehistoric elephant bones that have been dated as old as 2.5 million years ago. The third object however, is an aluminum wedge that was found together with the ancient bones. This discovery dumbfounded most researchers, as aluminum was difficult to create even by 19th century standards. While some call it evidence of extraterrestrials, others are calling it a hoax. Whatever it is, we may never know.

The Aluminium Wedge




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