Moon And Mars Will Appear Close To Each Other On Wednesday. Here's How To Watch This Event!

On September 19, our only natural satellite will have a close date with the Roman God of War, Mars. This is the third such close encounter of Moon with a planet in a span of a week. Earlier Moon had a close date with Saturn (September 17) and Jupiter (September 13). Now is the turn to meet The Red Planet, Mars. Here is how you can watch the event.

Mars will be visible just after sunset as a blazing red speck in the south eastern sky just 5 degrees away from the 11 day old Moon as shown in the sky chart below. The map is captured at 9:31 pm (Indian Standard Time) at the capital of India. However, this view can be enjoyed from most parts of the world including America, Canada and Europe. Mars is quite bright at an apparent magnitude of -1.89.

Image: Dominic Ford (In The

Along with Mars, three other prominent planets (Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) are also visible. This article will guide you in spotting them.

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