Einstein's Biggest Mistake That Turns Out To Be Correct!

Did Einstein ever make a mistake? The great 20th century scientist made a scientific discovery back in 1917, which he later called as a huge mistake. But as per the researches held by scientists lately, it turns out that there is a possibility that Einstein’s speculations were correct. Lets get to know what is the deal all about!

Albert Einstein

What was the mistake?

Back in 1917, Einstein introduced a scientific term called the cosmological constant. The purpose of introducing this constant was to stabilize the equations of his greatly famous theory of general relativity. It was predicted back then that the universe was stationary and so the constant was coined in between to force the equations to attain stability.

With further scientific studies when it came upon that the universe was continuously expanding since the big bang, and can never remain stationary, the cosmological constant lost its importance. It was then that Einstein declared the concept of this constant as the “Biggest blunder” of his life. The constant was then abandoned completely.


Was it really a mistake?

Lately scientists have revived the concept of the Cosmological constant (depicted by Greek capital letter Lambda) by Einstein to explain the mystery of a mysterious force that is known to exist in the universe over a long time, hiding behind the complexity of the cosmos. This force is nothing but the “Dark Energy” that is known to be counteracting the force of gravity. It is the cause for the expansion of the universe at an immense rate.

As per the new study, this cosmological constant is found to be apt for explaining the concepts of dark energy, and offers the most precise estimate of its value.

The researchers understand dark energy by studying the geometry of the universe. Einstein’s general relativity has one of this these revelations that ‘the shape of the space depends on what lies in it’. General relativity, that coined a relation between mass and energy, proved that this relation explains the bending of space-time across the universe using the strong force of the gravitational pull.

“We have at this moment the most precise measurements of lambda that a single technique can give,” researcher said. “Our data points towards a cosmological constant because the value of lambda we measure is close to minus one, which is the value predicted if dark energy is the cosmological constant.”

Unfortunately, knowing that the cosmological constant is the best mathematical explanation for how dark energy is stretching out our universe doesn’t help much in understanding why this dark energy exists at all.

Expansion of the universe

Many cosmologists regard determining the nature of dark energy and dark matter as the most important scientific question of the decade. “Our picture of the universe involves putting together a number of pieces of evidence, and reaching the depths of the universe.”

If Einstein would have been here to see his speculations discovering the secrets of the universe, he would have known that what he called as the “Biggest mistake” of his life was actually never a mistake.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. And if you have never made a mistake, you have never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

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