Top 7 Inventions By Nikola Tesla.

This is a guest article by Radhika Bhangar from Maharashtra, India.

An inventor, an electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer and a futurist!!yes we are talking about Nikola Tesla  (10 July,1856- 7 January,1943) who is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern Alternating Current (AC) electricity supply system. Tesla was born in Serbia on a summer night in 1856, during what he claimed was a lightning storm – which led the midwife to say, “He will be a child of the storm,” and his mother to counter prophetically, “No, of the light.”

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An outstanding student and much focused into electrical lighting and motors, Tesla worked in Edison's company. He solved a series of engineering problems faced by the company and established Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing having number of electric patents under his name. He was a remarkable person who claimed to have photographic memory which helped him memorize whole books and speak eight languages. He also claimed that many of his best ideas came to him in a flash, and that he saw detailed pictures of many of his inventions in his mind before he ever set about constructing prototypes. As a result, he didn’t initially prepare drawings and plans for many of his devices. Amazing!!!!!

Here are seven amazing inventions by Nikola Tesla

1. Alternating Current 

The invention of Alternating current was made by Nikola Tesla. It was his crowning achievement. His contribution in AC electric power supply was substantial which led to several other inventions and widespread use of electricity in households. He produced sparks from his own body using the alternating current. Tesla was continuously faced with problems produced by Edison and other crony businessmen, however, the electrical systems still in use in the entire world are largely based on Tesla’s work. Invention of AC also gave birth to several other electrical equipments which worked well with alternating current. The transmission of current to longer distance was also possible with AC as there was minimal loss of power as opposed to direct current which incurred a substantial power loss when transmitted to longer distance.

2. Light

It is obvious that he didn’t invent light, but he invented the methods to harness and distribute light. He used fluorescent bulbs in his lab approximately 40 years before the industry could invent them. At the World’s Fair in 1893, he bent glass tubes to form the names of famous scientists. This was the first instance of creating neon signs.

3. X Rays

Tesla’s works and achievements in the field electromagnetism helped the radiologists to study the complete anatomy of the human body without cutting and stitching. Although German physicist Willhelm Rontgen is credited for the discovery of the X-rays, Tesla’s experiments in this technology discovered inherent danger to the human flesh by the radiations 8 years before the actual discovery of the rays.

4. The Niagara Falls Transformer House

When it came to deciding what company would build a power generator at Niagara Falls, Thomas Edison was the first choice. After reviewing Tesla’s work for Westinghouse Electric, though, the Niagara Falls commission went with Tesla’s alternating current power. Despite doubts, Tesla’s system worked and is now the standard for hydroelectric power.

The Niagara Falls Transformer House

5. The Induction Motor

Tesla went head to head in creating an invention. This time Tesla won. Ferrari may have presented their induction engine first but Tesla had filed for his patents earlier. The motor uses electromagnets to spin. It is commonly used in vacuums, blow dryers and power tools, even today.

Tesla Induction Motor

6. The Radio Controlled Boat

The Tele automaton was the first radio controlled boat that was designed by Tesla. After being denied a patent because the patent office didn’t think it was feasible, he proved them wrong by demonstrating the boat at the Electrical Exhibition in 1898. It is considered the grandfather of the drone.

Radio Controlled Boat

7. Wireless Energy Transfer

At World Fair in Chicago in 1893, Tesla showed the way to wirelessly transmit electricity through a series of phosphorous bulbs. He called this phenomenon as electrodynamic induction. He also said that this technology will allow us to transfer long distance power in the atmosphere in the future, which would supply energy for comfortable living to the distant destinations.

Tesla's Wireless Energy Transmission

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  1. Tesla was not born in Serbia but Croatia. He heppened to be Orthodox Christian but that is not a reason to claim him as Serbian. It would be like saying that someone born here in the US of Jewish religion is Israeli.
    Many Orthodax Christians lived and were born in Croatia. I was one of them, born in Zagreb, was never in Serbia in my life so should I call myself Serbian?
    The whole issue is rather silly but it bothers me. If anything Tesla shoul be called an American who was born in Croatia. He lived and worked here in the US most of his life and that is what matters.
    Thank you for the wxcellent article

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