Love Is In The Universe: The Beautiful Heart Nebula.

They say love is the in the air.We went beyond Earth and found love in the Universe. On this Valentine's day, let us meet the famous 'Heart Nebula' (IC 1805) and relish the fact that nature is more of an artist than a scientist or an engineer.

Heart nebula is an emission nebula 7500 light years away (1 light year = 6 trillion miles) in the constellation of Cassiopeia. The very brightest part of this nebula (the knot at the western edge) is separately classified as NGC 896, because it was the first part of this nebula to be discovered.

Let us relish a few shots of the lovely creation!

This image was captured using a portable astrophotography setup that includes a William Optics Z61 telescope on an iOptron SkyGuider Pro Mount (Image: AstroBackyard)
Image: AstroBackyard
where is the Heart Nebula
The location of the Heart Nebula (Image: AstroBackyard)

And the last one in the heart of the heart nebula!

Credit & Copyright: Alan Erickson

Thanks to AstroBackyard for these beautiful images. Visit their site for more!

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