8 Lesser Known Facts About LASERs That Will Amaze You For Sure

An acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiations", LASERs are nowadays used almost everywhere. Be it medical sciences, printing press, military , law , networking & communications and what not, No field has remained unaffected by them! Lasers work on the principle of "Population Inversion". This involves increasing the number of atoms in the excited state than the number in ground state by different means. To make a laser work efficiently, it is necessary to have a large collection of atoms in the ‘excited state’. Nowadays, different types of lasers are available, which have different properties and varying uses. But along with this, there are also certain amusing facts about lasers, which only a few people know about. So here, we have a compiled a list of 8 lesser known facts about lasers, that will amaze you for sure!

Facts About Lasers
LASER Beams of different wavelengths
(Image Courtesy- Wikipedia)

Danger Levels:

Based on the level of danger, Lasers are grouped into specific classes from 1-5. A level 5 laser is capable of causing permanent blindness and skin burns.

World's Most Powerful LASER:

The world’s most powerful laser is LFEX. It has the power equivalent to that of a hydrogen bomb.


Laser measuring is accurate to more than a nanometer. In 1969, Astronauts on the Apollo 11 space mission used a laser to measure the distance between Earth and moon. It was accurate within the width of a finger.


In ancient times, the strength of lasers was measured in “gillettes,”. It measured the number of razor blades a beam was capable of breaking through.

First Commercial Use:

From scanning our groceries to fixing our eyes , LASERs have come a long way. However, they were commercially used for the first time in 1974 in supermarket barcode scanners.

Diamond Etching:

LASERs are also used widely in engraving industry. A tiny laser beam is capable of etching numbers onto a diamond, which is the hardest natural substance known to humans

Facts About Lasers
An engraved Diamond
( Image Courtesy- eglasia.com )

Laser Cooling:

Some LASERs are hotter than the surface of the Sun. Still, they can be used to cool atoms when combined with a magnetic field.

Gravitational Waves detection:

Facts About Lasers
Two 4 Km long perpendicular arms at LIGO through which the laser beams travelled
(Image Courtesy- Caltech/MIT/LIGO Lab)

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In 2015, LIGO used two lasers placed at right angle to each other to make the landmark detection of Gravitational waves.

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