India Is Building Its Own Space Station

When it comes to space exploration, there are only a few countries one has ever heard about. There's our all-time favorite NASA, ESA, ROSCOSMOS and a few others to count from. One of such agencies is ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) which has won the hearts of millions in recent time. Widely known for its cost-effective missions and countless contributions to space exploration, the organisation has finally set an eye towards building a space station within the next decade!

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Current Plans

As of current plans, the station is termed to be the extension of Gaganyaan (Indian Space Flight Project). Destined to be launched in 2022, Gaganyaan will have the capacity to host 2-3 astronauts at a time. Unlike the ISS, the space station built by ISRO will be much smaller in size, weighing around 20 tonnes. For instance, ISS weighs over 400 tonnes. As per the statements by Dr. K. Sivan, the chairman of ISRO, the station will be hooked up in a low earth orbit, around 400 km from earth.

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"Our Station won't be very big, it'll have a mass of 15-20 tons, and be used for microgravity tests. It will have provision to host people for 15-20 days"

-Dr. K. Sivan, Chairman

The plans for the space station still needs to be worked out by ISRO and will be dependent on the success of Gaganyaan Mission. Also, the agency has denied any collaboration on the project, ultimately opting to work independently. If successful, then India will become the 2nd country (Not including the collaborations on ISS) to have a fully functioning space station.

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Dr. K Sivan, Chairman, ISRO

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Future endeavors

Well,there's still a lot of time for the release of official plans for the station. Until then, ISRO will be quite busy towards developing Gaganyaan, which already has been allocated a budget of Rs 10,000 crore by the Central Government of India, and will serve as a keystone in the development of the space station. Not to forgot the ever-awaited Chandrayaan-2, destined to be launched the next month on July 15!

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