Vikram Lander Has Been Found On Moon

ISRO mission to the Moon

Chandrayaan-2 is the second lunar mission of Indian Space Agency- ISRO. It's main purpose is to map the location of lunar water using the Pragyan Lunar rover. The mission also consists of the Vikram Lander and a lunar orbiter, launched in the third week of July. The mission is a great step for ISRO in the space race, both rover and orbiter were created solely by India, soft landing on the Moon would make India the fourth country to complete that kind of mission. It would also make India the first country to successfully land near the South Pole on the first attempt.

Loosing contact with vikram lander

After the successful launch, the craft reached Moon's orbit and was supposed to land near the south pole on September 7. Afterwards it would perform experiments for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, two minutes before the landing, Vikram lost the course and deviated about 2km from planned destination. Moreover, it completely lost communication with Earth. There were many speculations about what may happen, including crash.

Locating the vikram lander

More than 24 hours after loosing contact ISRO chief--K. Silvan confirmed that scientists manage to locate the Lander. They used the lunar orbiter, which clicked a thermal image of Vikram. However, that does not mean the problem is solved because there's still no connection. ISRO scientists remain hopeful about getting the connection back, Sivan assures that it will happen. In the end of the day Sivan confirmed that the Vikram suffered from a crash landing. It is possible that it still works, ISRO has the next 14 days, after which that lunar part will cover in darkness. Let's hope for the best, and stay tuned for updates.

Future of Chandrayaan-2

Despite the troubles with the Lander there still is hope for successful mission. Lunar orbiter will be working for the next seven years, during which it'll help map the minerals and lunar water on Moon's south pole. This will help us understand the evolution of our only natural satellite.

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