Radioactive: A Movie On Marie Curie

Movie about marie curie

Movies about famous scientists do not happen everyday. From the producers, Working Title Films (Darkest Hour (2017), Yesterday (2019)) and Shoebox Films (Locke (2013), Serenity (2019)) comes "Radioactive", directed by Marjane Satrapi. The story follows life of the Curie couple, focusing on one of the most incredible women in science. The movie had its first night just two days ago on 2019 International Toronto Film Festival. However, we will have to wait with watching till 2020, when it will be up in cinemas. Until then let's focus on the information we can get from Canada. Inspiration for the picture was a graphic novel by Lauren Redniss. BAFTA winning Rosamund Pike portrays Marie Curie, Sam Riley accompanies her as Pierre.

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First reviews on "radioactive"

First reviews are quite mixed -the movie scores 64% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 11 critic's reviews. "Satrapi collapses a century of innovation and destruction from the discovery of chemotherapy to Chernobyl into a flat timeline that Curie can see right through as though looking at an x-ray. In those moments of stylistic imagination, the film glows." says Amy Nicholson from "Variety". Moreover, other reviews focus on phenomenal Rosamund Pike's performance and director's theatrical approach to the subject. However, 4 reviews are negative, pointing that the script leads the whole show to be a big disappointment. Though mixed opinions are quite often among critics, we still do not know what audience thinks about the movie.

Marie Curie has been the first Nobel Laureate among women, that too in two different fields. Still, till date, no movie has been made portraying her as protagonist. So, if movie is coming with her in major role, it is a big achievement in itself and undoubtedly, is a treat for scientific community. All in all, 11 opinions are not very much, let's stay tuned for more and wait for the chance to watch "Radioactive" in theaters.

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