Climate Emergency Full-On

Today more and more people ask themselves a question: 'Are we in a climate emergency?' The topic is getting a lot of public interest lately, however that does not mean the global climate crisis just shoot from the hip yesterday. Moreover, not even a year or ten ago. The scale of the problem frightens us, but some people have been frightened for years. And they tried to prepare.

Climate emergency bigger than ever

When scientists first recognized the climate change, many completely ignored the warnings. Years of that ignorance brought us to 2019, when there's 30 degrees Celsius on the Arctic Circle in June and winter of the century freezes the Niagara falls. Climate emergency means that due to human's actions nature is getting more wildly unpredictable, also by reacting to fire with ice. Moreover, this year's study estimated that sea level may rise even up to 2 meters by next century. Carbon dioxide levels are higher than ever, extreme weather records are being smashed. It is save to say our planet was never in a state like this. It is also save to say that there was never better time to take action.

Emergency strategies

Though for most of us climate emergency seems like a threat, it may actually mobilize humanity. Paul Gilding, environmentalist and former CEO of Greenpeace believes that ' that full-scale emergency mobilization to arrest the climate crisis is within our capacity, socially and practically, if we choose it.  '. As a proof he gives few convincing examples of people mobilizing on a huge scale during war or other crises. But let's get back to strategies of solving the problem. Many local governments all over the world declare a response for increasing crisis. The UN secretary says we are facing an existential threat and more than 1000 jurisdictions in over 19 countries declared action. Scientist are working on new strategies, youth goes on the streets, and it seems believable that we can work it out. So, there's nothing left other than joining the mobilization and trying to make the most out of it.

climate emergency
More and more local governments take action

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