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Meet our team of physicists and science enthusiasts from around the world who write the content at The Secrets of the Universe and manage it over other social media. We are a young team with one common goal!

Rishabh Nakra (2011-Present)

Rishabh Nakra | The Secrets of the Universe
Rishabh Nakra

Founder and Admin of The Secrets of the Universe, I am a student pursuing Master's Degree in Physics from India. I am a former research intern at Indian Institute of Astrophysics and research fellow of Indian Academy of Science. I have a deep interest in Physics and Astronomy and I founded the Facebook web page "The Secrets of the Universe" in 2011. I got interested in astronomy when I was 12 years old and have self studied the subject since then. I feel that young minds should study astronomy as it really changes the cosmic perspective of an individual. The Secrets of the Universe is one such initiative. I wish to reach out to maximum people and teach them this beautiful subject.

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Simran Buttar (2016-Present)

Simran Buttar | The Secrets of the Universe
Simran Buttar

Senior Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I joined in 2016. I am a Master's student in Physics from India and former research intern at IISER Mohali. Along with Rishabh, I manage the page over Instagram and YouTube. I am quite interested in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics and Astrophysics. My hobbies include singing and dancing.

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Dr. Yashika Ghai (2018-Present)

Yashika Ghai | The Secrets of the Universe
Yashika Ghai

Senior Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a plasma physicist and I am currently pursuing my postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. I completed my PhD in theoretical plasma physics in India. I mainly write articles on theoretical physics. Along with the team, I wrote the "Month of Equations" and Basics of Astrophysics series. I have a deep interest in Plasma Physics, Statistical Mechanics and Electrodynamics. My hobbies include cooking, reading and cycling.

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Chirag Mittal (2018-Present)

Chirag Mittal | The Secrets of the Universe
Chirag Mittal

Author and Analyst at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a Science student from India and I'm going to start my Bachelor's in physics soon. I handle the analytics of The Secrets of the Universe over various social media. Coming over my hobbies, I love reading novels and listening to music. Besides astronomy, I am deeply interested in other subjects including Cymatics and Vortex Mathematics. I like writing about all types of articles ranging from technical stuff to abstract concepts. In the near future, I want to be a researcher and a motivational speaker.

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Anna Sekscinska (2019-Present)

Anna Sek?ci?ska
Anna Sekscinska

Senior Author at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a biology and chemistry high school student from Gdansk, Poland. I am a homeschooled student, which means I work on my own and have exam from each subject every year. It is an unusual solution that comes with a lot of challenges, including self-organisation and a lot of determination, but it is also leaves a lot of space for student’s self-development, research and many different projects.I write mostly about space agencies, space exploration and biology.

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Bogdan Teodorescu (2019-Present)

Bogdan Teodorescu

Author at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a 17 year-old student from Romania. In the summer of 2018 I founded Astronomy Hub, an organisation with the purpose of popularising astronomy and astrophysics, encouraging excellence and of providing training for students. I competed in the National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad, and I am training to be part of the national team. When not doing physics and astronomy, I read philosophy and literature, enjoy classical music and watch movies.

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