About Us

                       Admin And Founder

                         Rishabh Nakra (2011-present)

Founder and Admin of The Secrets of the Universe, I am a student pursuing Master's Degree in Physics at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India which is one of the oldest University in the country. I have a deep interest in Physics and Astronomy and I founded the Facebook web page "The Secrets of the Universe" about 7 years ago. I got interested in astronomy when I was 12 years old and have self studied the subject since then. I feel that young minds should study astronomy as it really changes the cosmic perspective of an individual. The Secrets of the Universe is one such initiative. I wish to reach out to maximum people and teach them this beautiful subject.

Feel free to contact me.

Email: rishabhroynakra@gmail.com

                              Financial Head


                            Sidharth Nakra (2011 - present)

Financial Head at The Secrets of the Universe, I have done my Bachelor's in Commerce  from University of Delhi and MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. I am an entrepreneur and I support The Secrets of the Universe financially. Although I am not into science but I support this website as I think it is a great initiative to popularise astronomy and physics across the world. My hobbies include poetry and photography.

Email: sidharth.25naakra@gmail.com


                   1. Simranpreet Buttar  (2016 - Present)


Senior Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a Master's student in Physics, pursuing my degree at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India. I joined the page almost 2.5 years ago when it was in its cradle, at about 1,200 followers. I share the published content over various social media platforms and also write the articles on the website. I am quite interested in the fields of Condensed Matter Physics and Astrophysics. My hobbies include singing and dancing.

Email: simran.buttar112@gmail.com

                                 2.Yashika Ghai (2018-Present)


Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I joined 3 months ago. I am a PhD scholar at The Guru Nanak Dev University and my research field is theoretical plasma physics. I mainly write articles on theoretical physics. Along with the Admin, I wrote the "Month of Equations" series. I have a deep interest in Plasma Physics, Statistical Mechanics and Electrodynamics. My hobbies include cooking, reading and cycling.

Email: yashu.gh92@gmail.com


                          Radhika Bangar (2018-Present)

Radhika 20181029_002809.jpg

Author at The Secrets of the Universe, I am Computer Science Engineering student pursuing my degree at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon, Maharashtra. I joined the site a month ago.

Email: radhikabangar21@gmail.com