Basics of Astrophysics

Here are all the articles of Basics of Astrophysics Series.

1. What Is Astrophysics And How Is It Different From Astronomy And Cosmology?

2. What Is EM Spectrum And Why Is It The Most Important Tool In Astrophysics?

3. An Introduction To The Basic Concepts of Telescopes

4. Understanding The Concept of Light Year, Parsec and Astronomical Unit

5. The Three Types of Redshifts And Their Importance In Astrophysics

6. Stefan Boltzmann's Law And Astrophysics

7. The Celestial Coordinate Systems

8. The Concept of Magnitude In Astrophysics

9. Spectral Classification of Stars (MK System)

10. The Saha's Equation And Its Importance In Astrophysics

11. The Atmosphere of Stars

12. An Introduction To The Hertzsprung Russell Diagram

13. The Structure of Sun (Part-1)

14. The Structure of Sun (Part-2)

15. The Solar Neutrino Puzzle And Neutrino Oscillations

16. An Introduction To Binary Star Systems

17. Nuclear Reactions In Stars