Chandrasekhar Limit

Hubble's Law

Schwarzschild Radius

Classical Mechanics

Newton's Second Law

Kepler's Third Law

Condensed Matter Physics

London Equations

Electricity and Magnetism

Ampere's Law

Electric Potential

Faraday - Maxwell Equation

Gauss' Law (Electrostatics)

Gauss' Law (Magnetostatics)

Lenz's Law

Ohm's Law

Nuclear Physics

Half Life

Plasma Physics

Debye Length

KdV Equation

Magnetic Reynold's Number

Quantum Mechanics

Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle

Planck's Radiation Law

Schrodinger Wave Equation

Zeeman Effect

Statistical Mechanics

Fermi Energy

Boltzmann's Equations

Saha’s Equation

Second Law of Thermodynamics

Theory of Relativity

Length Contraction

Mass Energy Equivalence

Relativistic Doppler Effect (Longitudinal)

Schwarzchild Radius

Time Dilation (Velocity)

Gravitational Redshift


Second Law of Thermodynamics

Stefan’s Law

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