The Cosmos Is Within Us. We Are Made of Star-Stuff. We Are a Way For The Universe To Understand Itself.

Carl Sagan


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Rishabh Nakra

Admin at The Secrets of the Universe, I’m a student from India, pursuing Master’s degree in Physics. I fell in love with astronomy at the age of 14 and have self studied the subject for the past 8 years. The journey (more…)

Rishika Dange

Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am an Aerospace Engineering student from India, pursuing my degree from Bangalore. I am an astronomy enthusiast and it has been over  (more…)

Yashika Ghai

Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a PhD student in Physics. My research field is Theoretical Plasma Physics. I love travelling and writing. I like to read health journals and inspirational short stories. I also like to learn new (more…)

Simran Buttar

Key Contributor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am Physics student pursuing Master’s degree in Physics in India. I started working at The Secrets of the Universe in 2016 and share the (more…)

Sidharth Nakra

Financial Head at The Secrets of the Universe, I have done my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. I am an entrepreneur and I support “The Secrets of the Universe” financially. My hobbies include (more…)

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Well written. Excellent knowledge booster!
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