• Saturn's moon Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system only after Ganymede. Titan is even bigger than Mercury
  • Approximately 750 Earths can fit inside of Saturn and nearly 1600 Saturns can fit inside of Sun.
  • Saturn is the least dense planet of the Solar System. It would float on water. In contrast, Mercury and Earth would sink the fastest.
  • The 5th Century BC Hindu Astronomy text Surya Siddhanta approximated Saturn's diameter at 73,580 miles which was just 0.98% off the accepted value of 72,790 miles.


  • Due to its large distance, the sun appears 10 times smaller than from Earth. Earth receives 90% more sunlight than Saturn.
  • Saturn's moon Enceladus is the shiniest object in the solar system. It's icy surface reflects 90% of the light incident on it.
  • Saturn's rings are large and wide. But they are very thin.If Saturn were the size of a basketball then the rings would only be about 1/250 the thickness of human hair.
  • Saturn is very far from Earth. Its large distance can be estimated from the fact that the distance between Saturn and Jupiter is close to the distance between Jupiter and Sun.