Basics of Astrophysics

The Basics of Astrophysics is a detailed series of 30 Articles starting from the question "What is Astrophysics" to studying the tools and techniques in Astrophysics, evolution of stars, black holes, galaxies etc.

Writers of this series

  1. Rishabh Nakra: Admin and Founder of the The Secrets of the Universe, I am pursuing my Master's in Physics and I am a research intern at Indian Institute of Astrophysics. I designed the series and wrote the articles on mainly Stellar Astrophysics and Basics Tools and Concepts of Astrophysics.
  2. Yashika Ghai: Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am pursuing my Doctorate in the field of theoretical plasma physics. I am hoping to join a prestigious lab in USA for my postdoc soon. I wrote the articles related to plasma physics such as the atmosphere of stars, Saha's equation, the articles on structure of Sun, the solar neutrino puzzle and CMB radiation.
  3. Simran Buttar: Editor and Key Contributor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a former intern at Indian Institute of Science and Education Research, Mohali, and I am pursuing my Master's in Physics. I wrote the articles on some basic concepts of astronomy and Astrophysics of galactic and extra-galactic origin.
1. What Is Astrophysics And How Is It Different From Astronomy And Cosmology?
2. What Is EM Spectrum And Why Is It The Most Important Tool In Astrophysics?
3. An Introduction To The Basic Concepts of Telescopes
4. Understanding The Concept of Light Year, Parsec and Astronomical Unit
5. The Three Types of Redshifts And Their Importance In Astrophysics
6. Stefan Boltzmann's Law And Astrophysics
7. The Celestial Coordinate Systems
8. The Concept of Magnitude In Astrophysics
9. Spectral Classification of Stars (MK System)
10. The Saha's Equation And Its Importance In Astrophysics
11. The Atmosphere of Stars
12. An Introduction To The Hertzsprung Russell Diagram
13. The Structure of Sun (Part-1)
14. The Structure of Sun (Part-2)
15. The Solar Neutrino Puzzle And Neutrino Oscillations
16. An Introduction To Binary Star Systems
17. Nuclear Reactions In Stars
18. What Are White Dwarfs And How Do They Form?
19. What Are Neutron Stars And How Do They Form?
20. The Three Types of Black Holes
21. The Classification of Supernovae
22. The Stellar Clusters
23. Galaxies And Their Classification
24. The Cradles of Stars: Nebulae
25. QUASARS: The Most Powerful Objects In The Cosmos
26. Proof of Big Bang: The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
27. Top 10 Astrophysicists In The History
28. Top 5 Universities In The World To Study Astronomy
29. How To Become An Astrophysicist
30. Top 5 Unsolved Problems In Astrophysics