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Rishabh Nakra

Admin and Founder of The Secrets of the Universe, and former intern at Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, I am pursuing Master's in Physics from India. I fell in love with Astronomy at the age of 14 and have been self studying the subject for the past 9 years. My hobbies include...


Simran Buttar

Author and Key Contributor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am Physics student pursuing Master's degree in Physics in India. I started working at The Secrets of the Universe in 2016 and share the (more…)

Yashika Ghai

Editor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a Doctorate of Philosophy in Physics. My research field is Theoretical Plasma Physics and I am passionate to build a career in science and research. I am hoping to join a pretigious lab in US for my post doc soon.


Anna Sekscinska

I am a biology and chemistry high school student from Gdansk, Poland. I am a homeschooled student, which means I work on my own and have exam from each subject every year. It is an unusual solution that comes with a lot of challenges..


Chirag Mittal

Author and Analyst at The Secrets of the Universe, I am a Science student from India and going to start my Bachelor's in physics soon. I am 17 years old and my hobbies include..


Bogdan Teodorescu

Contributor at The Secrets of the Universe, I am 17 year old student from Romania. I joined in July 2019 and I love to write about Physics and Astronomy. My hobbies include...


Sidharth Nakra

Financial Head at The Secrets of the Universe, I have done my MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai. I am an entrepreneur and I support "The Secrets of the Universe" financially. My hobbies include (more…)


Basics of Astrophysics

The Basics of Astrophysics is a detailed series of 30 Articles starting from the question "What is Astrophysics" to studying the tools and techniques in Astrophysics, evolution of stars, black holes, galaxies etc.


Quantum Week

Quantum Week is a series of 7 articles in which some of the famous concepts of quantum physics are discussed. They include birth of quantum physics, Schrodinger wave equation, Dirac equation etc.


Month of Equations (October 2018)

The Month of Equations (2018) is a series of 31 equations from different fields of Physics explained in as very simple manner. The equations are chosen from almost every branch of Physics.


Theory of Evolution

The Theory of Evolution is a 7 article series that discusses the basic concepts of evolution such as the origin of life, the Cambrian explosion, extinction, adaptation, the future scope of the study of evolution etc.